In class we have been using Dreamweaver to learn about the techniques involved in constructing a website.  We have discussed CSS ‘styles’, Hyper Text Markup Link (html, a digital version of a designer sending information to print about how font and imaging is to be displayed) and including your own work in a web template.  I am finding this very interesting and intend to explore this digital design avenue further over Summer.

Below are extracts from a website I created using a template from ‘’.  The website’s address is or refer to the QR Code at the bottom of this post.

Displaying my chosen website site name as a header on all pages that can be accessed by single clicking and of the links including in the header design.

Inclusion of a link, appropriately placed within text referring to the page the link navigates to.

Customised further with the use of a Facebook ‘Like’ button to generate publicity and awareness of the website.  I obtained this feature from Facebook’s ‘Developers’ page on their website using their ‘iframe’ capability.  The link is active and when clicked, will post a link of the website to the person’s Facebook news feed.

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