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A flyer I have created using a QR Code as the main advertising theme.  This is a fully working link to the logo I have placed in the centre.  Having researched QR Hacking I learnt that, depending on the size of the code, a certain percentage of pixels are not used, making it possible to either manipulate them or place a picture over the top of them.  I acquired the logo from the West Yorkshire Print Workshop site, which is what they use to present their business, publicly, according to their website in February 2012.


A little research regarding the alternative and traditional styles of Alice in Wonderland book covers from past to present.  I have sifted through a great number of book covers from various websites, some legitimately published and some the imaginative creations of design/art students and hobbyists.  From these I have chosen a few images (annotated below) that hold certain characteristics relevent to my own work.

I have already measured the book I intend to use for my dust jacket cover.  I have measured it and produced a template using Photoshop, I will use it for reference when placing my images in the required, pre-sized positions.  Please note that I have chosen a book that has a landscape orientation as to house my intended landscape orientated pictures.  The cover will have to be printed using A1 sized paper for issues regarding length:

Firstly, we have a traditional drawing depicting an innocent looking young girl taken aback by a smartly dressed rabbit seeminly sneaking off into a small hall/doorway.  Alice is dressed in old style girls clothing apt to the Victorion era in the original blue and white colours she is famous for.  My image will relate to this due mainly due to the colour of the clothing and the inclusion of a rabbit.

Lewis Carroll  [accessed: 02/2012]

From a designers P.O.V this is a simplistic idea where Alice is sillouhetted and trapped in a bottle, using deep blues around the edges of the book cover and blowing out to a white light behind the main focal point.  Similar to my idea is the implication of being trapped.

Jill Patterson,r:13,s:30&biw=1280&bih=823 [accessed:02/2012]

Very chaotic, very scattered, much going on throughout the whole frame.  Unusual choice of colour.  Not very relevent to my final image aside from the fact that there is a lot going on based around one main focus, which although rather messy, has quite an interesting effect.

sophira-moonlily (02/2012)

Slightly more quirky; we see Alice being placed in a compromising situation, under direct attack from a zombie-fied Mad-Hatter.  Use of black and white with red attire and font creates a unique approach whilst making the focus points stand out, still maintaining the essence of Alice in Wonderland. The unique eccentricity and controversial aspects are what are also (hopefully) portrayed in my book cover.

Nikolas Cook,r:1,s:195&biw=1280&bih=823 [accessed: 02/2012]

Beautifully illustrated cover, excellent use of shades and well presented with the colours mixing well.  Alice is portrayed in a very sexy way, kind to the animals and confident in herself.  The background is sinister and dark with the Mad-Hatter looming over her.  The implicit sexual nature carries over to my depiction of Alice and characters, however the rabbit will be the menacing inclusion, not the Mad-Hatter.

Zenescope / Brothers Grimm,r:27,s:128&tx=39&ty=76 [accessed: 02/2012]

Dark, mysterious and connatations of evil with colours to match.  I like the fact that Alice is not the usual innocent person she is generally portrayed as, along with the Chesire cat being her skeletal accomplice.  Dark and sinister insinuation can also be found in my book cover.

American McGee,r:1,s:0&tx=74&ty=16 [accessed: 02/2012]

Quite messy, abstract style portrait of Alice looking quite upset and bewildered.  Smudged makeup and an upset appearence is what I like most about this cover and what is being incorporated into my dust jacket.

Camille Rose Garcia (02/2012)


Please see below for photography inspired ‘Alice’ book covers:


Ragazza magazine [accessed 03/2012]


annie leibovitz [accessed 03/2012]