As year progresses and the modules horizon becomes much more than just a distant landscape, wavering in the promised heat of Summer, I realise that I have still lots to do.

Adding to the book cover, of which I have found great inspiration from within (and from the link at the bottom of this screen), we have now to construct a zoetrope, this being a practical example of persistence of vision.  Traditionally, a slot would be made in a circular object that can rotate at varying speeds, and a sequence of images would be placed on the inside of this circle so that when viewed through the slot and rotated it would look very much like the examples in previous blogs demonstrating moving.  Examples such as those by Edweard Muybridge, and myself.  Please see Fig 1:











Image taken from,, Jan 2012.

Alternatively, a zoetrope can be created digitally by using similar methods to the GIFF files shown in previous blogs.

Originally, I had intended to create a digital zoetrope, but having already experimented with GIFF’s and intending to create many more (hopefully more advanced GIFF’s) in my spare time, I thought I would take to some craft and produce a traditional one.

So, as for my book cover, I am currently in the process of gathering the required materials and accessories I will need for both my model and the set.  This should take the maximum of a week to do, then I can move onto taking test shots in the studio to acquire the correct lighting, composition and also help to assist me in deciding whether or not to remove certain items that may clutter the scene and possibly divert attention from the main focal point(s).

Although I have come to realise that my final picture is going to be more complicated than I had originally assumed (even then I knew it wasn’t going to be straight forward), I am persistent in sticking with the theme and carrying out everything necessary to fulfill the specification and requirements of my Statement of Intent.  Therefore, at this point, I do not intend to change anything from my originally conceived take on the stories dust jacket.

This may take more time and effort than I had orignally penciled in for, however I believe it will be a good experience and enjoyable throughout.  Though if the set-ups and final pieces of my future assignments are based around a simpler concept, then you know why.

Link to inspiration and information gathering for a book cover shoot: