So, as the workload progresses and classes merge and I start to forget what I need for each lesson, it is becoming ever more apparent that I really do need to start getting more organised.  I always get a little excited for John’s lesson; firstly, because it includes the use of Photoshop, secondly, because the book cover project is one I feel I will be able to maintain a strong interest in and one that will hopefully kick start my creative juices flowing at a more frequent rate, and thirdly, it is the last lesson on a Tuesday and lasts only 2hours.  I would like it to be a longer class, if I’m being honest, especially since my photo editing skills are truly dire.

I’m still thinking of the Alice In Wonderland: Through The Looking Glass theme for the dust jacket, it’s just the more I generate ideas for it, the more complex the shoot becomes.  If the overall picture was to be kept simple, yet effective (such as Fig 1), I believe the whole process would run a lot smoother and be ultimately less stressful with less criticism and please a larger audience.  I’d really like to do something with Angels incorporated into the cover, but maybe this could be another project.

So far, I am thinking that the Alice model will be edited into a broken mirror, staring out, medium body shot towards the camera in a deadpan fashion.  Her makeup will be running and smudged across her face, clothes torn and overall appearing very distressed.  By the mirror sits the Rabbit character, smoking a cigarette, trousers unbuttoned and wearing a t-shirt with the motif ‘eat me’ across it.  The Mad hatter will be peering in through a window in the background, possibly with a video camera; all creating a very seedy atmosphere.  An assortment of pills and bottled drinks will be sprawled around the room, creating a cluttered environment, but not so much so that focus is deferred from Alice.

The Spine of the cover may just be the title, but written in broken glass.  Possibly a Photoshop affair.

As you can see, I am attempting to make this already rather dark story into that of something considerably more sordid, disturbing and possibly conspiring towards Alice, whilst touching on the inclusion of some social commentary with the drugs issue.

Fig 1

‘The Phantom of the Opera, by Gaston Leroux, originally published 1909 (displaying 1991 re-issue)’

Edit: Just noticed the broken glass effect of the title in ‘Fig 1’, what a coincidence!?