My name is Bruce Wayne, and I have an alter ego.

So I’ve just started Uni a couple of weeks ago studying photography, going well so far, introductions out of the way and now time to get down to being inundated with work, hopefully.  Something I am looking forward to even if I am incredibly unorganised and already late with starting this blog.

Our class has been assigned the task of creating a dust cover for an existing book.  The book must be relating to a fairy tale, childrens novel or super hero, as is my understanding, therefore that is what I shall be doing, probably based on the super hero genre.  Or so I thought.  Though, after realising that super heroes pretty much all originate from comic books and graphic novels, I decided maybe it would be best, as a first project, to stick with the more traditional book layout, as this is what I am more familiar with.  Afterwards, if I feel the inspiration, maybe I can start on the super hero genre (most likely Batman) as a personal project.

In deciding which book to choose I realised I was at a loss.  Never having read many books in my life I thought I should get to researching, but ran out of time having to sort my car with a broken clutch out, and falling of my motorcycle.  So I thought back to when I was a child and recalled the many fables of yesteryear, such as Gulliver’s Travels, Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, The Jungle Book, The Secret Garden and many more.  Such inspiration, so little effort…So far, at least.  Now to choose one.

After doing a little research and browsing through a list of children’s stories, sifting through the commercial highlights and pushing aside the ones I’d been forced to read (and therefore instantly take a dislike to) at school, I attempted to broaden my horizons with foreign lore.  This really appealed to me and my creative juices felt as though they may actually begin to flow once again, for the first time since my Summer Project (To capture a fleeting moment and present to class on the first day.  Terrifying, but ultimately a good laugh.  I created a scene in which a man was running towards the camera whilst being chased by a clown riding a motorcycle with the grim reaper riding pillion ready to swipe the running man with his looming scythe: see image).  However, before I had managed to delve into the world of the unfamiliar I came across Alice in Wonderland; couldn’t get it out of my head, began to have some basic ideas of what i could do to make it a little quirkier and put my own twist on it and decided to just go with the flow.

Thus, in a roundabout kind of way and an unnecessarily long explanation, my book’s dust cover will be a (no doubt disturbing) take on Alice in Wonderland.

Thanks for reading.

Summer Project : Fleeting Moment